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Environmental Commitment

We at Neil Allen Industries care about the footprint we leave on our planet and want to do whatever we can to help.


Solar Power

We have switched our High Point, NC facility to run completely off the of the sun's power (100% renewable energy)! Our array of 320 panels is more then enough to power all of our machinery!

Recycled Water

water tower silo

Our state-of-the-art facility runs off of 100% recycled water. Many of our stone machines from our sister company, The Stone Resource, are cooled using water. All of this water is collected and filtered to be re-used. Extra water is collected from rain to maintain this closed ecosystem!


Each and every project is reviewed prior to shipping to make sure we are packaging it as efficiently and eco-friendly as possible. That means, reducing our use of Styrofoam, maximizing flat packaging and multi-pack configurations. Recycling and re-using pallets, skids and A-Frames.


All of our products are shipped using SmartWay certified shippers.

Waste Reduction

By leveraging advanced software we are able to optimize all of our projects to use the minimum amount of material and reduce the amount of waste leftover.